Monday, April 28, 2014


We Know Electricity.


Whether you are a big box retailer, small business owner or property management company, Sides Electric Commercial Service is the right choice for any Commercial Electrical issue or request you might have. We understand problems with your business’ electrical system and components can cause downtime for your employees and your customers, so our Commercial Electricians go out of their way to get all work completed quickly and correctly the first time allowing you get back to business. Call Today! (806)-426-0001


Sides Electric provides Amarillo with the most experienced Industrial Electricians. Our Electricians can design and build plans for electrical system layouts, wiring and installation of equipment, energy efficiency, power and lighting systems, controllers and more. We install wiring, distribution panels, transformers, circuits, generators, conveyer systems, security systems and other equipment and machinery. For Professional Industrial Electric installations in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, Sides Electric is the company you can trust.


Sides Electric is based in the heart of the Amarillo and Texas Panhandle Agricultural Community. We understand the importance of having your Farm or Ranch, Feed Yard, or other Agricultural based business running at peak operation at all times. Our Professional Electricians are trained in all types of Agricultural Wiring, and because the Agricultural Industry is constantly changing, we strive to stay on top of the latest and greatest Electrical Technology available to help simplify our customer’s agricultural needs.

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